Best Sports Handicappers

Best sports handicappers – how to choose them

Choosing the best sports handicappers can be a little more daunting than it seems.  There can often be issues of trust and fraud when choosing the best sports handicappers, so it can pose for pretty risky business.  Thankfully, with the onslaught of the internet age, sports handicapping can no longer go as unchecked as it has in the past.  There are many dedicated websites out now committed to cleaning up the sports handicapping industry.

There are several different ways to calculate a sports handicap depending upon the sport.  Each sport differs but the majority across the board employ mathematical equations.  For instance, when calculating a gold handicap, the rating of the course and the slope of the course are assigned numerical values that are then put into an equation, along with a few other determining factors.  Bowling is much the same.  The better you get, the smaller your handicap will be.

Best sports handicappers

Best sports handicappers


Best sports handicappers – where to search

It is difficult to determine who is actually the world’s best sports handicappers at this point, as everyone now claims to be.  There are, however, certain sites that can assist you in finding a more trustworthy handicapper.  Sites such as, and should help in the decision process when choosing a handicapper.  It is of utmost importance to choose wisely, as this is the person who will be telling you where to spend your money when it comes time to place your sports bets.

Best sports handicappers – Importance of having them

To bet on sports you need the best information possible on the players.  According to some of the best sports handicappers, you also need good money management skills.  Since betting on sports is a gamble that increases as the season plays out, some of the best advice is to know your spending limits.  This is called “keeping it flat” in the land of sports betting.  Other advice entails such things as to never bet because you need the money and knowing that a gambler always loses their biggest bets.

Overall, a sports handicapper is really just guessing like everyone else.  You can perform equations until you are blue in the face and you will never be 100% on who is going to win.  At the end of the day, sports bets are placed on people and the players are not infallible.  Injuries occur and can completely change the course of a game.  So it should always be remembered that unless they can see the future, even the best sports handicappers are just taking an educated guess.