Football Odds

Football Odds- Requires detailed analysis

If you really want to get involved with football betting business and like all of them, you also want to make money from it, then you must picks football understand the true meaning of Football Odds. If you think that assuming and picking the winner team in football is so easy then I must tell you, you’d be wrong. Unless you have solid concrete knowledge about football odds, you can’t be successful in this particular business. Luckily football odds are not that much hard to learn as it may seem at first.

Football Odds – how to work on football teams

What actually odds refer to? Many may think that odds and probability are the same. But probability is a real number between 0 and 1; where 0 means there’s no chance of occurring Football Picks the event and 1 means the event will surely be happened. Odds indicate the ratio of the probability of the event occurring against the probability of not occurring. Suppose you bet your home football side with 8/4 against a particular team; that means your team wins 4 times and doesn’t win 8 times against them. It tells us that your team has a chance of 33.33% of winning the game while other 66.67% chances are of not winning. Here’s the equation: Odds of 8/4 have been converted Football Picks to probability.

Football odds

Football odds

So 8/4 becomes 4/ (8+4) which is 4/12= .3333 If we take it into percentages, the probability will be 33.33%. This is the basic knowledge about how football odds work. Now come to the detailed factors. Football odds depend on three major factors which are point spread, line and total. Here’s an example through which you can completely inderstand the three of them.


Column 1

     Column 2

    Column 3

    Column 4





Hull City




Football odds – how to work football picks

If you are looking Football Picks at this type of table for the first time, then you can’t understand none of it. But don’t you worry. After this session, you will be able to understand any table like this one. As you can see, the first picks football column represents the football teams which are competing with each other. Now look at the second, third and forth column consecutively. Column 2 (the point Spread)- The point spread is the most popular terminology in football odds. As a beginner, you don’t have to go thoroughly. Just let yourself know that ‘+’ sign gets the advantage. Here the game starts from the result “Reading 0- Hull City 1”. Column 3 (The Total)- It’s the combined score of a football match. In picks football the illustration above, the odds makers have determined that the majority of likely sum of the scores by the Packers and

Colts will be 47 points and you have to make a decision whether the closing score Football Picks total will be OVER 47 points or UNDER 47 points Column 4 (The Betting Line)- It’s the easiest one to play. You just have to assume which one’s going to win. For the first, you have to bet $120 to get $100 and for the next one is EVEN (EV). It means you have to bet $100 to win another $100.

So it’s a basic learning about football odds for those who are willing to enter in Football Picks to this business. Then you can just grab a beer before tv set and enjoying the match knowing the chances of your team to win.