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ISports bets12/25/13


Today we have 2 BIG RELEASES in the NFL! Both have to win, or the next game is on me.  I have a RED ALERT in College Basketball again. I have a couple games on the radar, kind of curious to see where the books open up the lines on 3 specific games. We had 3 backdoor covers in hoops yesterday. Still came out ahead, but the out of the ordinary does happen. I’m curious to see what is going to happen with this Georgia St, Drexel, and Stanford Total for tomorrow. The books can come to a gridlock on these games tomorrow. We can count on BetOnline and possibly 5 dimes to open the totals on these games first.


Today the bookmakers released some College Basketball Totals a little on the early side. The bookmakers had some days to prepare for the big day. I have 2 guarantee winners today that we are laying the cash on. I have a particular game I want bettors to take a look at. There is confusion with the Richmond Total opening up at 122. This line is at a lock right now, and 5 dimes is offering action on it. My numbers are coming in between 127-135 on the total. This will be a premium play of mine. Today we have a big release in the NBA as well. It’s slim I post a NBA game because the bookmakers are always close on the money.  Yesterday we cashed in 2-1, and today we watch the monitors getting ready to make some more money.



Today it looks like the totals are in line with the Bookmakers.  The Totals are within 2-6 points, and I don’t see any real value in these games. I did find a line on a game that is off by 13 points, and we do have a Premium Release on it! You can pick up this winner for $20, and cash in on this guarantee winner.


The books are having problems with the lines on the La Salle Game. The totals are off, and we can expect to the game go over the total of 122. I see another error with the Wyoming totals. The overs is the play here. The Bookmakers are having problems releasing the totals line.  I’m cashing in on this one to. Hopefully SPortscapping will allow me to put the line in. (3-0 WINNERS)


Today we have a lot of games on the card. I think the Bookmakers will have there hands full, and I expect more errors. Lot of money is getting put on Middle Tennessee St. The Bookmakers are having problems with the Totals on this game. I see error on this line. Take the overs for the win. BetOnline has the line open at 122. Western Illinois is showing potential on the overs again. Looks like a play at 117 (3-3 )


Nice Sweep Yesterday in our Totals. The Bookmakers have to games that are off on the lines. Lot of activity on Wyoming since the public is backing them up pretty big. According to my analysis, the spread should cover for Wyoming. I don’t like to bet on the public so I’m neutral. Utah St. is getting a lot of activity as well, as the public is betting heavy on this team. Be careful on these public bets are coming in big. Today get our 2 premium totals for $20, guarantee to cash in, or tomorrow is on me. We had a nice run today in our picks. (3-0 winners).


Today we have a premium release in College Basketball.  The bookmakers are late in opening up some totals. The lines are a little more reasonable, but I did find one game off about 9 points. The Duke total is getting a lot of activity, but the price is a little overpriced, but I remain neutral since this game can go down to the wire, and go into overtime.  We will wait to see what these other lines look like. (2-0 WINNERS)


Today we have 2 BIG RELEASES on the CARD! Bookmakers have 2 errors I found on the totals. My free PREMIUM TOTAL is the OHIO St. Unders. Take this game to the BANK! This Year I’m the TOP CAPPER in the WORLD in TOTALS! (2-0 WINNERS)


We had a good weekend in our picks. Today I found a line error on a total. The line is starting to shift. You can buy this play for $20 and cash in. I’m 74% on my college basketball line errors. We are going to cash in big today. I’m currently the TOP CAPPER in TOTALS this YEAR! (LOSER)



Today we found another bookmaker error.  Valparaiso under the total. This total is way to high. Most books are taking the line off since the bookmakers are off. 157.5 (winner)



Today I have a free premium play for all you fans. I have been super hot on my totals this year in College Basketball. Take a look at the Iowa vs Iowa St Total. The bookmakers are running up this total, hustling the public, thinking its going  to be a very high scoring game. This year both teams have been cashing big on the overs, but if you look at last years stats, Iowa St had just a couple of games that went above 168 points. Iowa has the same pattern, I don’t see any games going above this many points. This game is a Rival, and they both are good in rebounds, and they both are excellent in assist. I see a lot of passing, and moving the ball, and making smart moves. I like the under here at 168 as one of my free PREMIUM PLAYS. Enjoy more winning days. Yesterday we went 4-1 in our selections, just CRUSHING the BOOKS! If you WIN! Send me a DONATION at Paypal, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW WE BUILD BANKROLLS!  (WINNER UNDERS)



Lot of activity going on the Chargers Vs Broncos Total.  According to my analysis I have this game 31-24. I have a caution on this game, because in their last match up, the Broncos won 28-20. This line has really spiked from 53.5, and now pushing 57. The Broncos offense are a little beat up with Decker, Moreno, Thomas, Walker, and even Manning. These players are not at 100 percent, and it’s a red flag. The under looks like a play, but I will remain neutral.  Yesterday we won our College Basketball Game with Penn St. Today we 2 BIG games on the Card. (WINNER UNDERS)





Today we got a lot of movement on the Bryant vs Ohio St totals in College Basketball. The line opened up at 135, and is at 138. Ohio St is 18-7 on the under when they are favorite 18-24 points, and 5-1 on the under when playing a non conference game. According to my analysis, I have this game coming in around 142, but I would remain neutral on this game. A recap of yesterday, we went 4-1, and did sweep the board in Hoops. We are currently 15-6 in our CBB O/U predictions. Today we have a big release on our sides in College Hoops! (WINNER UNDERS)




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