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Today we are advising our clients to lay the money on the 43 over. The Saints and the Titans both have exploding offenses that will put points on the board. The Saints where able to move the ball against this Rams this last past week, to put up 26 points on the board. The Saints made adjustments to get past a defense that ranks 9th in the league. The Titans have made some adjustments to their team as well. Their run game has stepped up this season, and i see the Saints having problems trying to stop the run. The Saints will start 2nd string linebackers and guards. They are dealing with some key injuries. This game is a good candidate to go over because the Titans will be able to run the ball over a weak defense. According to my analysis I have the Saints winning 28-24. Take the over and cash in BIG! Thank You.

Sports Handicapper Picks – How to select the best ones?

Betting on sports can be daunting, especially if you don’t know much how to bet on sports about sports.  It can also be extremely fortuitous if you have the knowledge and the drive.  We all love sports but not everyone can compete on the same levels.  There are so many opportunities that people invest in everyday, from partnerships to stocks, promotions, even office pools surrounding sports.  Picks and Predictions are a gamble, but if you know betting tips the ins and outs, you can stand to be a lot richer.

Sports Handicapper Picks

Sports Handicapper Picks


 Sports Handicapper Picks – How to work on picks and predictions

The first step Picks and Predictions is to find a place to wager…be it online or through a bookie, it is the initial place to begin.  In the past, selecting a booking agent was a very tedious and trustworthy chore.  These days, it’s simply a click away.  “Online Sportsbooks” is now the leading site in promising the security of being Sports Handicapper Picks a larger company and pooling the best benefits from several bettors.  They are a commission based company and will teach you about the safest and smartest Picks and Predictions practices.

Money management is crucial in this endeavor.  You should never best sports handicapper bring more to the table than you can spend.  You also should not come in and expect to make a jackpot right away.  This process takes time and knowledge, and one must be patient for results.  Expecting to win every time is also a common fallacy.  Most professionals win on a good average of 60% of all bets placed.  Betting on sports is never a given and should not be used as a means of survival but rather an extra side income.

Sports Handicapper Picks – how to work on good bets

There are many different terms to consider when betting and there are an equal amount of Picks and Predictions to match.  The “line” for example is a term to demonstrate one team being favored over another.  This is a way for the people that make the odds, to level the playing field.  Then how to bet on sports there is the over/under score.  By betting on these figures, you are betting on how much or how little the victory of a team has affected the score that is to turn your profit.  Next to the line that constitutes all Picks and Predictions are the odds.  This simply implies a percentage of the team winning and how how to bet on sports much you will pocket from said victory.  Lastly, there is the charge of the bookie to calculate into your winnings.

There are an innumerable amount of ways for betting on sports.  If you approach the method from an informed and knowledgeable stance, you increase your chances of becoming a rich fan by two-fold.